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About the game

The story of Dream's Adventure is about a boy named Reve has been kidnapped by an evil, Mr. Draven to his Isle of Black while Reve is sleeping in his own house. While Reve awakens on the island, he finds that he is unfamiliar with the area. So he tries to communicate and get some helps from the animals in Isle of Black and send him back to his house. He needs to escape from the island before Mr. Draven comes back.

This is a 2D sidescroller game. The aim of the game is to ask help from the player to help Reve to ride the animals and back to his house. There are different types of animals such as polar bear, camel, pig, and so on. Player will have to go through different levels of game and complete the race by achieve the minimum scores and before Mr. Draven is back. There are different types of background depends on the level such as snowland, forest, desert and so on. Inside the adventure, there are lots of obstacles that Reve need to avoid. As the level increases, there are more and more obstacles inside the game. Besides that, there are collectible items that players can collect to increase the power of the animal such as rocket and helmet.

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gameplay feature


Side scrolling game - Arcade mode


20 levels in the game


Collectables item in the game


Soft colour with simple and interesting layout

Creative Team

Day Dream Studio is formed by a group of three international students from Swinburne University of Technology. They are Synn Yin, Shan and Khai. Three of them have different kinds of talents and skills on their specialisation such as programming, website, graphics and so on. They used their ability to handle different positions in the unit. They are relatively complemented. They are now working on our Final Project in Digital Media Design New Technologies unit, which is producing a game using Unity 3D software. They hope that everyone enjoy their works. Please feel free to download the game and have fun.

Synn Yin Ho

Project Manager

Synn Yin is an international student from Malaysia. Her tasks were to communicate with team member to manage the project within the timeline.

Shan Yu

Creative Director

Shan is an international student from China. He applied his talents on developing various sketches of environment, character design and graphics.

Khairil Amir


Khai is also an international student from Malaysia. He was responsible to apply his skills on handling all the programming and coding in the game.