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Dream’s Adventure

Posted on Nov 1, 2014 by in Game, Illustration, Motion Graphic, Web |

First Unity side scroller game

1) To design and develop a Unity game that is inspired by the retro arcade games of the 1980s.
2) First time working with Unity

Creating a Unity game with a website that contained downloadable game application and video promoting the game. It is a 2D sidescroller game. The story behind the game is about a boy named Reve has been kidnapped by an evil, Mr. Draven to his Isle of Black while Reve is sleeping in his own house. While Reve awakens on the island, he discovers that he is unfamiliar with the country. So he tries to communicate and get some help from the animals in Isle of Black and send him back to his house. He needs to escape from the island before Mr. Draven comes back.

Unity 3D + Photoshop + Dreamweaver (CSS)

Main – Project Manager (controlling the whole project’s timeline, documentation, managing the problems and job scopes)
Sub – Web Coder (controlling on the website design, coding and content)
Sub – Designer (planning the storyboard for the trailer for the game, one of the designer for trailer)


Dream’s Adventure is divided into 3 parts which are game, trailer, and website. Below are some of the screencaps for the project.

[View the Full Website + Play the Game]




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