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Little Shin Bag

Posted on Jan 15, 2013 by in 3D, Branding, Flash, Illustration, Motion Graphic |

Branding for Little Shin Bag with different types of media

1) Required to contribute ideas and knowledge to promote awareness of issues that are relevant to art and design and commercial and community environments. Project management, independence and building a personal design practice is the key point.
2) To avoid the attraction eyesight of the thief while carrying the laptop bag around.


Primary Target Audience: Girl 15 – 20 years old
Secondary Target Audience: Lady 21 – 26 years old

Little Shin Bag is the solution. I have the inspiration from the incident that happens to me before. Therefore the laptop bag‘s outcome is just like a pillow to me to avoid the eyesight of the thief. Besides that’s, the laptop bag is soft and can hug it like a pillow. Little Shin provides a safety and soft bag for everyone without carrying other heavy bag. In this project, I have use different media of advertisement to market the product such as poster, website, advertising, banner, small animation, and so on.

Autodesk + After effect + Flash

[View The Website]


Inside this project, I have produced 2 pieces of animation, website, poster and few products such as fridge magnet, laptop bag, tissue, accessories and so on. Below are the screen caps of what is inside the project.






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