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Posted on Dec 18, 2012 by in 3D, Motion Graphic |

3D dancing robot presenting on the fashion pathway

To practice and develop the 3D skills on the motion art piece by creating 3D graphics and object for multimedia application.

Create a 3D robot that named Robotee and direct the robot’s motion in the lightwave. After that apply it in after effect and make it do cat walk on the stage. This 3D robot can dance according to the music and also having its catwalk during the fashion show.

The main problem I faced is by creating the robot from scratch. I tried many ways of creating the robot by trying different ways of creating details to perfection for the robot’s body. That is the main reason that makes me do more brainstorming and explore different creating tools that I have not learn in class to create a better looking robot. I found that time management and story planning are important during the process. This is because once the 3D creation and story planning delayed, whole projects might not be able to complete as per the deadline.

Lightwave + After effect

[View The Video]


Below are the screen shots of the motion graphic pieces.

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