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Letter from the Past

Posted on Dec 8, 2012 by in Motion Graphic, Video |

A reminder to remind people to appreciate your parent from now

1) To produce a short film based on the skills that have learned and to experience the process of video production.
2) Most of the teenagers tend to forget their family and friends when they get too busy with life and forget the importance of them as well. They are not appreciating their family members but spend time with their friends at outside.


A short film that remind the audience to appreciate what they have right now. The final message that we want to convey through the short film is to remind teenager to remember all the love of their parent has given to them, appreciate them when they are still around. The overall story of out short film is about a son with his mother, because we want to portrait the power of mother’s love.

My main role in the project is as producer and the assistant of other roles.

Premier pro

[View The Video Part 1]
[View The Video Part 2]


Here are the screen caps of the video’s flow.

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